About 23 Run

Hi, I’m Nick Eubanks.

I started working for myself when I was 23 and this website was created to share my experiences (and currently contains a lot of my old crappy blog posts – sorry about those).

Currently I’m the VP of Digital Strategy at W.L. Snook & Associates and the Founder of I’m From The Future.

I am an active member of the Philadelphia SEO and User Experience communities and I also write for some popular SEO blogs like MOZ, Search Engine Watch, STAT Search Analytics, and my blog SEO auv.

I have a handful of side projects and spend my down time cycling, painting, and whenever possible, snowboarding.


March 2009 in the Woods at Vail, CO

Feel free to contact mefollow me on twitter, encircle me on G+, or connect with me on Linked In.