Online Sales Tip – Sex Sex Sex, works everytime.

You’ve heard it before, and yeah, it’s still true. When it comes to advertising (getting noticed essentially, whether it be for good or bad reasons) nothing grabs the eyes and ears of men and women faster than the almighty S word. Men are immediately thinking the best and women are immediately, usually, thinking the worst – or are simply curious. The reason it works so well in advertising is the almost non-existent variance between sexes in it’s ability to grab attention.

Now you’re wondering, ok – I knew this, why are you talking about it? Because it still rings true, and although mostcompanies out there need to be P.C. for the sake of their “corporate” image, you on the other hand, do not have one. In the early stages of getting your idea off the ground, especially once you move out of the referral clients and into direct sales, you will need to come up with a sure fire way to attract new clientele. So be saucy, it can only help if you do it in good taste.

Let’s do a quick case study, how about you? Look at the picture to your left, even if those words weren’t there (but they are) what would be going through your mind, honestly? If you’re a shallow girl you’re getting angry at photoshop because your mac lip gloss doesn’t work that well, and if you’re a guy you’re thinking about any number of things, all of which are not appropriate for me to delve into here. Okay, so after our very short case study what have we learned, apart from shallow girls like mac lip gloss?

Same reaction, always, everytime, everyone. It doesn’t work everywhere, this is the only short coming of this marketing technique, but in these great United States, and most places throughout Europe and certainly the Far East, it works. SO what is the advice you are supposed to take away from this hot picture with attached rant, USE Sexual innuendos, not just pictures, hint towards it within titles for ad copy. Think for 10 seconds about sexual content, indirect, in television commercials – I bet you can think of 5 right off the top of your head, and I bet you remember them all very well too.


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