Staples of The Media Network

*Statistical information obtained from “B2B Magazine: Interactive Marketing Guide 2008”

Change in Search Marketing Spending Planned for this year by U.S. Search Marketing Executives

No Change = 28%
Increase = 65%
Decrease = 7%

Viewing Email
64% of key decision-makers view e-mail on their Blackberrys or other mobile devices
69% of at-work users usually use their e-mail in preview panes
59% of online consumers routinely block images

Time-of-day Trends
The highest open rates during Q2 2007 were Wednesday (27%), Monday (26%), and Thursday (26%). The highest click-through rates were both Wednesday and Thursday (5%).
11a.m. and 4p.m. scored the highest marks for business-hour open rates (30%) and click-through rates (5%)
Click-through rates were between 4% and 5% during the workday, peaking at 7% at both 9 p.m. and 4 a.m.

SPAM Trends
79% of e-mail recipients said that if they don’t recognize a sender, they sometimes mark messages as spam.
20% of e-mail recipients said they use a spam button as a way to unsubscribe from messages or newsletters they’ve signed up for in the past.

Market Share Trends
Paid search is expected to total $15.5 billion in 2008, up 31.9% over last year
Source: eMarketer, January 2007
More than 10 billion searches were conducted in the U.S. in January. Here is the breakdown of market share:
Google: 58.5%
Yahoo: 22.2%
Microsoft: 9.8%
AOL: 4.9%
Ask: 4.5%

Search Revenue
Worldwide search revenue will reach $30.5 billion this year, up from $26.2 billion last year
Search revenue will grow at an annual rate of 28% over the next four years, reaching $60.0 billion by 2011
Source: JPMorgan Chase Outlook Report, January 2008

Search is here to stay – and is growing by leaps and bounds; learn as much as possible!


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