SEO for Beginners

Search Engine Optimization has exploded in the past year. Now all of a sudden everyone and their mom who understands what a keyword is, has a facebook account, and a blog, calls themself an SEO. I know what you’re thinking… what make you different? Honestly, not too much, but in this field a little goes a long way.
First off, I need to clarify that I am not actually “in” the field, I am by no means a full-time, or professional SEO.
I just have my head around the concept and have worked with some best practices that have returned some good results.
What I actually do for a living is even more complicated then SEO. I’m a talent engineer; I refine my own while trying to innovate and supplement my current ideas with those whom I surround myself with.I run a company (NES) that specializes in delivering the very best service I can find, even if it’s not one that I offer. This has allowed me to expand my service offering capability through the roof and has grown my client portfolio exponentially.There are a fue rudenmentary things you need to understand about SEO to get started:

1. Everyone can understand the purpose (unless you live under a rock, or do not have an email address)
2. It’s all about experimentation and ingenuity
3. You better like reading (or learn to like it fast)
4. You better be able to take advice (and not beat yourself up too bad, when something doesn’t work the way you thought it would)

Okay, let’s get started Continue reading