Keep the Ideas Flowing – Carry a “Left-Wallet”

So what is a “Left Wallet?” No, it’s not an extra wallet for your left pocket – I don’t care what you’re making that’s absurd. A “Left Wallet” is just as, if not more, important than your regular wallet. A left wallet, if you haven’t guessed from the picture is a small notebook that stays in your opposing wallet pocket for immediate and constant access. You wouldn’t go anywhere without your wallet? So don’t go anywhere without this either. Continue reading

Client Relationships – Touch Them Frequently

This is sound advice that I wish someone would have bluntly pointed out to me when I was getting started. No, I’m not talking about your significant other, I’m talking about clients and prospects. No, I’m not talking about laying the ground work for a sexual harassment suit either, I’m talking about engaging your client/potential client base.

The idea behind frequent touch-points goes beyond the branding concern. If one of your clients cannot immediately associate your company name with your provided service than you are doomed to loss down the road. Likewise, if you present to a prospect, but do not follow up like a high school mathlete waiting for a T-89 to go on sale, then you will lose that prospect as a client. The real failure that lies here is two fold, the two I have vaguely described above; one: keep in constant contact with your current clients to let them know you are still here at their beckon call for anything they need that falls within your stream of service, and two: constantly remind your prospects that you are still here, awaiting that first beckon call to provide them with outstanding service that fits their needs and their budget.

How do you do this? there’s a few options: Continue reading