Start Random Conversations

This is a very simple concept: engage random conversations every chance you get. Do not be afraid of where, what, who or when. Even if you do not have anything entertaining to talk about, if you start a conversation – trust me something interesting will come up; most likely why you are starting a conversation. My only tip is to be controversial – or challenging, do not just start blathering about the weather.

This said, think a little before you start your next random convo. Do what you can to Sherlock some facts about the person, i.e. what they’re wearing, body language, pins/necklaces/bracelets, watch, shoes, hair – you can really tell a lot about someone if you take the time to look. Do not “overtake” this advice and be creepy, however, all I’m saying is to test the waters – there will certainly be people who do not wish to speak to you, and that’s fine, let it go.

For every 3 people who do not want to give you a second of their perspective or air, there will be one who does.

Why? you’re probably asking would I want to engage random conversations with people I do not know – and may not even wish to know?

Easy. Sales. Make that – Sales baby! The more comfortable you get flying by the seat of your pants or expressing thoughts and opinions to people whom you do not know or have no pre-existing contact with, the better and more comfortable you become winning the entrepreneurial game of sales, and who knows – you might get a date?


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