Trouser Syndrome

Nick Eubanks 23Run

Trouser syndrome is a malicious spiral that starts once you start slacking… it is a term I’ve given to the perpetual nature of procrastination. I myself have experienced this tragic ailment just this past month. If you look at the post before this one, it is dated three weeks ago…

There is just no excuse for this.

All of the typical lame responses immediately come to mind:

  1. I’ve been too busy
  2. I have not had anything useful/insightful to write about
  3. I keep forgetting
  4. I’ve been meaning to
  5. I’ll do it later… (this could be the worst sign of the syndrome)

The very first item on this list is the only conceivable good excuse, except let us not forget – it is still just that, an excuse. I apologize for not writing any fresh content for 3 weeks. I even have some great topics that I’m excited to post about; Long-tailed keywords, baby-steps to small business success, timely invoicing, and when-needed small business outsourcing. These posts are coming, and soon I promise!


Why haven’t I posted in 3 weeks? I have had some personal issues to deal with to be honest (moving, situation changes, and other projects that have required more than the usual amount of my time) the real truth of the matter is that the truly influential factor that has affected my recent activity here at 23Run is me.

When elements of your life outside of work take your mind (and worse spirit) out of your day-to-day successes (daily goals, i.e. posting to your informational blog) this is when it is in-fact most important that you stick to your guns…

You simply cannot let the slack build up. When you build up enough slack it is just like wearing pants that are getting continuously longer – you are forced to drag more weight around, not to mention there is now more surface area for more problems. In the literal sense more slack dragging on the ground gathers more unwanted items – you can see how I can relate this to life problems that build up when you procrastinate.

How do you get out of this funk? Some would say to take some time off – self reflect…

NO! Bad idea. You have already been taking time-off, that’s why you are in your current situation. Instead, try this – start doing something…

That’s right, start something – Put your head down and Do Work!

Do you have an idea/concept you have wanted to kick-start for a while? Or have you thought about re-vamping an existing project? A website? A blog? A customer relationship? Business cards? That client you engaged and never followed up with? The client you lost?

If you want to start (or at least look into) any of the above mentioned thoughts, this is what I am willing to offer… Continue reading


Start Random Conversations

This is a very simple concept: engage random conversations every chance you get. Do not be afraid of where, what, who or when. Even if you do not have anything entertaining to talk about, if you start a conversation – trust me something interesting will come up; most likely why you are starting a conversation. My only tip is to be controversial – or challenging, do not just start blathering about the weather.

This said, think a little before you start your next random convo. Do what you can to Sherlock some facts about the person Continue reading

Getting Your Idea Off the Ground

This could be the single hardest thing for most people to overcome. You have a great idea, you go get an LLC, maybe you even spend a few bucks and buy a domain, now what?

Well there’s a few simple things to ensure you can get you business off the ground and keep it soaring. The first is going to sound very corny, perhaps the most corny thing of anything you will ever read here, but it’s true and hence must be said… Continue reading